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If you know me and have had a chance to have your fortune told, you will know how accurate divining can actually be.

My special gift is being able to read people's energy patterns through things they touch. Alot of times, I use the change in their pockets.

If you are in Newfoundland, I encourage you to book a reading. It's quite fun to see what the spirits in your life have been aching to let you in on.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019


Begin your Mother's Circle Spread with the inner circle, which resembles a cross.  The card in the middle represents the querying person.  At the moment, their positive or negative stance is unknown, hence the sideways position; so both reverse and  upright readings for the card should be interpreted and explained.  The card on the bottom is the card of the Future, the top Past, the right and left are alternative options for the Future, as decisions are in the making.

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This is the Outer Circle of the Mother's Circle Spread.  Its a Wiccan insider joke, most do not understand, but a circle is a square and a square is a circle.  The two cards in the center represent the querying and the strife they currently feel.  The bottom two are left Intuition and right Temptation; the top left Hel's Wisdom, the top right Sea Separated.  Read so that fear is not given, but merely advice so that they are aware of the factors influencing their current path of choices.  Intuition gives good vibes, while Temptation makes one resentful; Hel's Wisdom offers secrets from family passed on; Sea Separated offers messages from relatives living far away.

The Cards used in the illustrations above are from the Celtic Tree Oracle by Liz and Colin Murray, with illustrations by Vanessa Card.  I highly recommend this deck for anyone of Celtic origin interested in their rich heritage of mystic insight.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019


My mother passed away when she was just 41 years old.  She fought a hard battle against a lung infection that eventually took a toll on her heart.  Born a petite, delicate redhead, she had the spirit of a lion who knew not its size.  Her courage, willpower, determination, talent and intelligence were overwhelming. 

Fitflop CA So how do you honor someone who is gone and yet still around?

Believe me, my mother's wisdom is there in the Tarot Readings, the Tea Leaf images, the vibrations of the Coin Throws, the clues in RUNE WORK and the messages of OUIJA.

She is also there when I plant flowers and vegetables. She is there when I shop for fine clothes and jewellery.  Her spirit watches me type up vampire novels to be with great angst and hope.  I know, because I sense it. 

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I am fortunate to have been raised by someone with exceptional taste. She was consulted for her wisdom.  She was counted on for her ability to see through red tape and provide clear analysis to complex problems.  When she left her work at the Credit Union in North Sydney, the other staff members insisted she try to continue working from home, while her health allowed her to.  They needed her.  Everyone who knew her needed her.  She was a Queen.

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So how is the best way to ensure she is recognized, everyday and especially on Mother's Day?

Are there special readings I do to show her spirit she is in my thoughts?  

Think of your mother?  What color comes to mind when you see her face in your mind's eye?

Did she have any favourite flowers, collections, jewels or places to dwell.  What hobbies did she have?  Energy flows with focus. 

I live very far from her grave....so I brought the flowers I would have placed there home. 

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If I create more "spaces" here that she would feel comfortable in, whether it is out in the garden or in the house, she will more likely spend time there as a spirit.  If you do daily readings, try and set these places where your mother can view them and feel at ease.  

I will leave you to begin this task.  Check back tomorrow, as I will be illustrating a "Mother's Circle" Tarot spread.  I have beautiful new cards given me by my cousin who lost their daughter, so there is special significance.  Blessed Be.


Friday, November 23, 2018

Missing Persons

I just wanted to throw this idea out there, to the online world.  I would love to help solve any missing persons cases that I could.  I am not saying that I will with 100% accuracy be able to solve every case that is handed to me, but I want to use my gifts to try.

I do not want any money from this.  Should I be successful in bringing home your loved one, I merely suggest a donation of hay for my animals or fruit and vegetables for me and my son.  We live with a hunter and there's only so much meat one can eat.

I know I will not be allowed to entertain people in the house for such purposes.  However, my methods of coin reading can work even from a distance.  My spirits seem to be getting better at communicating with other spirits as a result of this.  You may end up with a tag along for a few weeks, my "ghostly investigative units" can be gung ho about things.  Don't be afraid; they like to help.

You should let me know if they do unusual things while with you.  You will find random items left out where you hadn't put them. They use newspapers, books, magazines, radio channels to communicate.  Do not be freaked out by channels changing on their own - let the investigator set it to the channel they like and listen for your clues.  The music will get louder when its important.

You may also notice odd smells, like gasoline, burned bread, cheezies, onions.....just go with it and jot it down.  If these smells occur just prior to someone enter the place you are in, take note of that too and any particular features of the person.  One of my ghostly investigators is a young girl...she thinks its funny to surprise people and is way too loud for a ghost.  She is kind, however.  You will find toys when she is around; even you don't own any.

So lets get this underway!  Blessed be.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Vampire Hunting Beauty

So my coins revealed Jessica Biel, the actress who co-starred along with Ryan Reynolds, Kris Kristofferson and Wesley Snipes in Blade Trinity, was somehow going to make a difference in my activities for today.  Well!  I live in a beautiful, scenic area that is also remote and peaceful - a place celebrities could come to get away from paparazzi and the madness of Hollywood.  Some celebrities have cottages in Newfoundland; I won't say where, because that defeats the point of escaping paparazzi and the madness of Hollywood.  I had not yet come across Jessica Biel, however.

Alas, my gmail alert from Gaiam Affiliates proved to be the key to revealing what my coins meant: Introducing the Jessica Biel Capsule Collection With Free Shipping On Orders $75+ At Gaiam.com!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Videos are definitely NOT my strong suit, but I wanted to be as personal as possible for those wishing to have me read their coins from afar.  I don't claim to know everything - far be it.  I simply relate what the spirits reveal to me.  Most of the time, I don't even understand the odd little phrases or gestures that come through in a reading, yet the person having the reading done will.  While I do feel pain and sadness from doing certain people's coins, it is a nice feeling to know that sometimes I can help both the living and the dead.  I do get the odd spirit who is able to use that communicational link as a bridge to pop in, and I honestly believe that those who do this are able to confer with my own tag along spirits.  My home will be quite full of invisible ones at certain times.  
Don't be afraid.  Don't let scary movies color what the spirit world is really about.  I have yet to encounter anything remotely terrifying; I have tons of stories of very helpful ghosts, empathetic elders, children who still play with toys even after death, and animal spirits that roam where they once did while alive.
Blessed be.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Why? A TAROT DECK REVIEW OF "The Faeries' Oracle"

Why do you come to this page today ?  What has brought you to seek the advice of someone who consults with spirits, faeries and other invisible forces to understand how to adjust their life's path?  Perhaps the answer lies in that statement. It is the need to know, to understand to fix what is wrong in our lives that leads us to ask questions. Today's deck that I've consulted with is The Faeries' Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth, brought to us by Simon and Schuster.

Fitflop CA

I've tried two spreads to see where I can change my current frustrated energies into more constructive ones.  I am an entrepreneur, constantly under pressure to reach a monetary goal, cramming my creative talents into measurable work hours and continuously questioning every decision I make when those goals do not amount ot profits.
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Why?  I have financial advisors telling me that hard work is the only thing keeping me from achieving wealth.  I am told by others who know me better, personally that I must work smarter, for I cannot work any harder, to turn my actions into dollars.  So my body and my brain are on the point of burnout.  I feel the failure of not achieving goals I am setting for myself.  I am a bitch of a boss, it turns out.
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What do the cards tell me?  Well, this deck is surprisingly NOT what I expected.  The illustrations are very imaginative to say the least.  What I imagine faeries to look like are clearly not what the Brian Froud envisions them to be.  Some cards, like Nelys the Alchemyst or Iris of the Rainbows have traditional faeries - if you can use that term - while others like the Fee Lion or Indi are creatures that seem to be another species altogether.

The deck is very accurate at reading what is going on with your problems, though.  I was forced to address the fact that stress has me doing things almost backwards, ignoring emotional and physical needs in an attempt to gain monetary figures at the expense of my happiness. My talents are given credit but also my intuitive fears over certain business decisions.  I feel a certain respect emanating from this deck, from the layouts and a recognition of my frustrations.

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I feel better for consulting with the faeries today.  The author and illustrator of this deck believe in the power of these creatures and their willingness to be positive influences in our lives if we allow them.  In Iceland and Greenland there are designated areas off limits to we regular humans, reserved for the Elves and Faery Peoples.  I say we give them our respect as well, thank them for aiding us with our troubles and take the time to notice their magic at work.  Blessed be.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Extra Energy

Now at first glance, extra energy seems like a straight forward good, positive thing, doe it not? Everyone wants to have extra energy to get more things done, get things finished more quickly and feel exuberant at the end of their work day so they can enjoy what matters most to them - time with family, friends, pets and so forth.

I read two great blog posts today - one about our physical need for sunshine and the other about Tarot Cards - that got me to thinking. Sunshine cures internal cancers, eases depression, kills molds and mildews, provides you with vitamins but when The Sun has a storm and sends out an arc or radiation towards The Earth circuits can literally get fried.

Electricity has this wonderful power to magnetize things. Motivational speakers will refer to this again and again, that your excitement, your energy can act as a magnet pulling others to you to help your cause.  Two much energy in power lines however, can blow the transformers and leave everyone in the dark. Too much electrical/magnetic current running beneath cities via bedrock can disrupt computer systems, electrical panels and people's blood chemistry.

Our blood chemistry you say? Yep. In fact global wars can be linked to solar flare activity.   It won't just affect human moods either - even docile animals like deer and cows can become aggressive and hostile due to receiving tooo much of the sun's storm wave. A storm is a destructive force and this storm has the ability to travel invisibly through things, people, plants, rocks even.

What does this have to do with Tarot Cards you ask? Well, I purchased "Green Witch Tarot" deck by Ann Moura yesterday and the  "Faeries Oracle" by Brian Froud. Normally when doing Tarot readings I do not touch the cards myself, as this would infuse them with my energy, which is VERY strong - and sometimes unstable (like the Sun) but reading today about fortune teller's never letting anyone touch their cards to avoid it interfering with their ability to read them made me wonder.

After reading Tarot for folks I am usually drained of energy and suffer an irritating migraine. However, some people seem to infuse their energy into the cards so that afterwards upon putting everything away I receive an energy surge that is almost dysfunctionally powerful. I feel as though spirits have been left behind. I almost have too much information about the person and cannot shut it off. I am normally very cold all the time; when this happens I will be as warm as someone with a fever or me after I've accidentally ingested garlic.

So I am ging to test this theory and try things a different way. I am curious to know from the fortune teller's side of things, as well as the client if their energies have been adversely affected after a reading. Given over a hundred people I have communicated with these pas two weeks have noticed lately their moodswings have been haywire, desire to settle down and become family oriented ignited in the adamantly single and animals being extra attached to thei humans I think something is going on.

How does this connect to Aviking By Hoof - well, most of my LARP themes are connected to the gods/goddesses of the Vikings, the Asir or Asgardians.  These were sun gods.  Thor, the sun of Odin, The Allfather and Jord, an Earth Giant plays a prominent role in the stories of his wandering father.   What do you get when you mix sun and earth energy?  Electricity of course.... and a child who becomes the God of Thunder.  Loki, Thor's adopted brother, is biologically a Frost Giant - an enemy of the Sun Gods.  Baldur, his half-brother is full Sun God.  Baldur, however, falls victim to his jealous adopted brother's plan to throw their world into chaos by causing the Sun God to become a companion of Hel, his daughter who resides over the dead.  How can you be a giver of life and also a ruler of death?

The Sun, our Sun, is a ball of gaseous fire. Without it there would be no life on Earth.  Too much of it, in too close a range, and we would become like Venus or Mercury.  Too little and we would become cold, dead, like Uranus or Neptune.  Perhaps Helheim is on Mars, interestingly enough named after the Roman God of War.  Split right in half with night and day, hot and cold it is our closest celestial body that poses the most potential to hold life, but it does not spin.  Perhaps at some point in time its magnetic poles reversed in polarity and the effect was to create a standstill.  It still orbits the sun, but its days and nights are no longer cyclical, just everlasting.

I'm sorry, but nobody's touching me Tarot Cards but me....all of this reflection makes me think there is something to the theory of keeping the energies contained, like a protective atmosphere.   Blessed be.  If you'd like to incorporate some local Wiccan methods into your journey of discovery here in Newfoundland, by all means let me know.   Blessed be.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Memory Man

The important thing to remember with this card spread is that it is not about giving answers in black and white.
There is always a dual influence going on with everything the "main card" is experiencing.  What they have chosen to learn from, what they fear, who is negative, who is positive, and what recurring situations will all play a role in decision making.
This is a mindset spread I call "Memory Man".                  Gipsie

Middle Card is Personality Card.  Cards to left and right are pressures influencing current situation (frame of mind).  Cards below are past influences subconsciously affecting current frame of mind.  Cards above are future influences.  

6 of Cups - a wonderful soul who puts their humanity first in decision making.  Reversed Ace of Swords - a hurtful blow still smarts and causes indecision.  Five of Coins (pentacles) - a financial lack, doubt, indecision based on unwillingness to reach outside the box in thinking.  

Ace of Cups - emotional breakthrough, energy for new projects.  Reversed 3 of Cups - lack of emotional support in times of need; shaky foundations for partnerships.

6 of Swords - wisdom learned from battle.  7 of Cups - too many choices is causing stress; too much of a good thing.  

Friday, November 10, 2017

Thor, my Thor

     After watching the movie Thor Ragnarok I felt the need to compares deities of similarities between the Norse, Greek and Roman religions.  Now mind you, in reality Thor was the son of Odin but his mother was Jord, an Earth Goddess, not Frigga as Marvel's version of him goes.  So Thor was ruler of the Earth and the Sky by birthright.  Loki's parentage is also askew in the Marvel Universe; they have reversed his father Farbauti for his mother Laufey, both Giants.  It is Loki, in reality who is the father of Hel, not Odin....but I guess that is what you call dramatic license.  So, the question I felt compelled to ask, after Ragnarok, was if the gods did escape Ragnarok - where did they go?
     Freya is a big clue.  The Valkyrie who is loyal to Odin, in charge of an army of the dead, valiant in battle, and can fly, takes the form of a goddess named Nike in Greek mythology and Victoria in Roman mythology.  She is seen in artwork next to Zeus or Jupiter as the Romans called him.
So is Zeus, the God of Lightning really Odin?  Would it not make sense that a god of lightning would bear a son from an Earth Giant who would be a god of Thunder?  Jord is synonymous with Gaia of Greek mythology and Rhea of Roman mythology.
     Who is Thor?  Could it be none other than Pan (Faunus)? They were both depicted as the gods of shepherds.  Pan is usually depicted with having goat feet - Thor of legend rode in a cart carried along by two goats.  He is a horned god who can be loving and absolutely terrifying, possessing the power of storms. He is also the haunting sound of the wind in the reeds.
     And Baldur?  None other than Apollo could be matched for his qualities of light, compassion, beauty and healing. The Romans and the Greeks both called him Apollo and both feared and loved this god who could apparently be angered to cause suffering and disease as well.  He is depicted as the son of Zeus and Leto and twin brother of Artemis, goddess of the hunt.
      And that's my little divulgence into the possibilities of deities making a comeback from extinction.  We have to always remember, our Allfather is more than a god - he is a writer.  Check out more comparisons at:  

Nike: https://greekgodsandgoddesses.net - Greek Gods & Goddesses, February 9, 2017

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Rabindranath Tagore's poem "Mes Chants"

If you don't speak or read French, Google Translate will give you the English version of this beautiful poem.  Although I love this French version, the Mes Chants is part of Rabindranath's larger collection entitled Gitanjalie (song offerings), which was written in Benjali.  Tagore was from India.

Mes Chants

Ce sont les mousses flottantes :

Elles ne sont pas fixées

Sur leur lieu de naissance ;

Elles n'ont point de racines -- seulement des feuilles -- seulement des fleurs.

Elles boivent la lumière joyeuse

Et dansent, dansent sur les vagues.

Elles ne connaissent pas de port,

N'ont point de moisson,

Hôtes inconnues étranges ! incertaines en tous leurs mouvements.

Et quand soudain les pluies tumultueuses de Crâvana

Descendent en nuages sans fin,

Noyant les rivages de leur flottant déluge,

Mes mousses-chansons

Soudainement sans repos, inspirées d'une vie sauvage,

Recouvrent tous les chemins de l'inondation,

Plongent dans la poursuite qui n'a plus de chemins,

Flottent de terre en terre,

De régions en régions,

Mes chansons !

A Line

If only I could write a line,

That somehow could transpose its time

And filter out the present bad

And make you glad for all you had.

And circumpose its will on you,

So, that your spirit would undo

The wicked thoughts of days before,

The nasty words of yonder score.

So, that my my words would mean something

And a little bit of peace would bring.

by me, Tanya Lee (2008)

Friday, October 13, 2017

Treading Water

Back and forth on the tides of time,

Washed ashore only to be sucked back out by the undertow,

Past and present

Future, past

Rushing ahead full speed with the riptide

Left behind in the deep,

Treading water.

Life`s woes like a shark beneath my feet.

Arms so tired…

I cannot speak

Treading water

by me, Tanya Lee (2009)


It stings like a broken bone

and gnaws at my soul

reminds me eternally

of mistakes I have made.

Like I was born condemned

to lonely solitaire.

It sickens me inside

to have listened

to the lies and deceit,

forced below the weak.

Like I was born condemned

to lonely solitaire.

And I could tear myself apart

for my stupid mistakes

I made in error.

Rip my soul from my limbs.

But thats exactly what they`d like

snuff me out before I shine

They want me to believe

I was born condemned to solitaire.

by me, Tanya Lee (2009)


If I drifted backwards,

just a little,

would my future overlap against your past?

If I bargained,

even softly,

whose soul would I be saving or condemn?

So the silence lies between us

like a current beneath the waves. ...

All the lies cannot diminish nor admonish all our ways.

by me, Tanya Lee (though I think my Guardian Angel had a part in this one) in 2004

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Anne Rice on Twilight and True Blood and my question: Are Vampires Connected To Fortune Telling?

I ask you. Are Vampires Connected To Fortune Telling?  No, Anne is not covering this topic, but its Anne being interviewed by George Strombolopoulous and I am a huge fan of both great minds.  Vampirism, if you look at the blood pacts between Odin and Loki and the fact that it is mentioned that when hunting Odin only took of the blood and left the meat for his wolves, the Vampire legend version of what happened to Baldur - which I believe is where Christians got their Lucifer story - and Odin's enemies, a Wolf Clan of Gods and Goddesses who attempted to assinate our Sun God with a bite.  Werewolves versus vampires I believe, began here.  Odin, Frig and Hel are very much into divination.  The giants who came before them had the runes....and there is your answer!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Thought Currents Tarot Card Spread

This is the "Thought Currents" spread. I am using the Dream Tarot because I want to incorporate the subconscious mind's intuitive dream messages with the alert mind's focus.

In this spread you can see that the stalemate is between a reversed Ace of Cups and the Death Card. Underlying circumstances behind Death: 5 of Cups, accidental influence: reversed 3 of Pentacles, direct influence: reversed Devil card.

Underlying influences leading up to the Ace of Cups: reversed Emperor card, associated circumstance: reversed Fool card; direct influence: reversed Knight of Cups; direct shift of thought from Death to 10 of Cups.

This is a great morning spread to sift out where your mind might be muddled with worries. Once you confront the stalemate, restate your goals for the day aloud. Then reshuffle the spread back into your deck and tap the cards on the table two times for luck!

Sunday, September 10, 2017


Alright!  I have just read a very biased review of a Bohemian deck of Tarot Cards......apparently there are! folks out there that believe paper wasn't invented until the 14th century, that Roma peoples copied Italian playing decks and used them to make money from fortune telling.  Gonna spit two words out : Egyptians    Papyrus.  Oh, and the modern day playing cards came from Tarot - not vice versa. It's almost as unbelievable as the British historian on you tube in charge of a Viking jewellery exhibit in London telling us that the Vikings had no real written language.  Hello!  Runic?  The basis for the English alphabet?  Invented by Odin....who was a part of creating the ancestors of the northern peoples...but you know that would be stuff a historian should know.

My rant for the day!

Well, as some Italian friends have pointed out, Tarot cards were ordered made by two ruling families in Milan in the 14th century (I have included a link). My point on this. Obviously Italian Roma introduced the concept of Tarot to Italy, word got around and of course the ruling families wanted custom made Tarot Decks of their own. Roma law forbids written documentation of their culture - this was initially to protect them.

There are also pre-Egyptian, pre-Indian civilizations like the Sumerians who were very advanced and showed interest in astrology and cartomacy before such labels were invented.

Runes were around even before the God Odin made some for his set, as he revealed in his poem Havamal. If Odin, Vile, and Ve created mankind after the Runes then fortune telling is to be accredited to the giants. But I think it's safe to credit the Roma and Sinti people's (Gypsies) with Tarot Cardsbin the way we think about and use them today. 

Light of Consciousness Meet September

Numbers - a poem by me, Gipsie Lee

Not all the same are we

Some of us we’re not like you

Before, we lived for you to die

And now, in life we die, you see

For on the earth, we roam so lost

Our souls belong to Hel

A part of us is gone, you see

The sorrow very well,

We can try to uplift you

Try to help you understand

Show you what a human should be

Even try to lend a hand

But it never does erase

The past we had before

Once you are a reaper

It’s not something you ignore

So rise above the turmoil ants

Fight your wars, or live to flee

Hide amongst the street lights

For in the dark we'll be

I am not here to hurt you

I am merely here to kill

It is not quite beneath you

But at least I bear no ill.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Riding Emotional Storms

I wanted to write about the emotional turmoil I experience as a medium. The term is quite literal at times, and then there are times when there is no medium or middle ground but rather the overwhelming emotions of pain, fear, anger or frustration that come from other people - the living and the dead. When there is no logical reason for you feeling what you are feeling, consider what you are feeling may be an outside influence much akin to wind- just because you don't know where it comes from, just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it can't knock you down.

It can be unsettling. I do believe a lot of what artists mistake as depression is actually an intuitiveness that causes them to feel and think other's pain. Their empathy and intelligence can work against them when toyed with by those of uncontrollable emotional output. Jealous or envious fans/critics; inappropriate friend's and relatives criticisms: what most people are oblivious to, the gifted can be overwhelmed by.

Then there are spirits who decide to stay after a reading. All it takes is someone leaving something behind and that's it - you've got a new house ghost. I truly believe house ghosts communicate with each other as well. The longer a ghost resides in a house, the bolder they tend to get. My theory is if you have ghosts, make sure you have guests. Make certain as many people witness your invisible people as possible; that way they can't call you crazy.

Peace. Blessed be.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Working It Out Spread from The Dreamer's Tarot explained

The Dreamer's Tarot by Barbara Moore and Heidi Darras offers some interesting insight to people who are open to hear what they most likely will not expect. I never touch the cards while doing Tarot for people, because my energy is very strong.  I get each person to do the spread.  The left side is the card handler and the right the other person in their relationship; the bridging or adjoining cards in the middle explain how to connect the two personalities so that they can understand one another better.

The cards on the left are normally accepted as personality traits by the cardholder, the cards in the middle cause some pondering.  The cards on the right I wait to explain until after the other person gets a chance to do their card shuffling and layout.  Once again, this person usually agrees with the cards on the left.  After I read the bridging cards I explain the cards on the right. 

This is how they see each other - not how the people see themselves.  It is by explaining how they see the other in relation to what is important to them as revealed by the cards, that the two begin to see from the eyes of one another and realize they may have been underestimating, under-appreciating, and misunderstanding one another"s intentions, feelings, and motivations. 

The Cards Choose You

There are hundreds of different Tarot Cards out there on the market right now to choose from.  If you are new to the fortune telling thing, you may wonder what difference it makes what style deck you pick. Logically one could argue that the only difference from deck to deck is the pictures on the cards or the spreads in the accompanying books.  It's all made up anyway, some suggest.  Well, I am telling you that's wrong.

The cards themselves, as anyone who tries different decks soon realizes, have different "personalities." This is because the artist who made them put their energy into the cards.  Some do it intentionally; others transfer part of their own personality into the card design accidentally just by focusing upon what they are doing. You may notice certain pattern layouts have different undercurrents to their meanings. Some are bold and adventurous, while others serious and grim.

Your personality dictates what deck you buy.  Go with the one(s) you are instinctively drawn to.  For me, mt next three bucket list Tarot purchases will be: The Illuaminati Tarot by Casey Duhamel; Egyptian Tarot by Silvana Alasia; and the Mystic Faerie Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Revenge is Sweet Grass

In Cape Breton we had a saying for people who started trouble with others just for the sake of being evil: digging your own grave.  Here in Newfoundland, I have heard many people say to others in anger they will end up in a ditch.

 Well this is a spell for those who have these negative types of people in their lives and neighborhoods.  It isn't evil, it just magnifies the actions of those who are malicious in reverse, so they cause harm to themselves.  I have a soldier's mentality: I like to protect the good.

Remember the ingredients I asked you to pick up?
Old glass 
Sweet grass 
Quack grass
Thistle root
Pearly Everlasting 
Playing Cards

Take your sage, grasses, branches and create little nests - one for each window if you can.  
Tie a ribbon in the color of your choice around a deck of cards.
Place some small pieces of old glass inside the nests.
The flowers can be small bouquets, but must be placed where they greet you.
Make a bouquet of some of your house flowers mixed with the pearly everlasting to bring to work.
Stones need to be placed, carefully, at the edge of the negative persons property.
Clean and boil thistle roots. Feed the water to plants on the edge of your property, facing the road.
The pieces of thistle can be dried and hung in a small mesh sacs or put in compost.

With every step your enemies take to bury your efforts to get ahead, 
The ground beneath will soften and their feet will feel like lead,
From your sleep your thoughts will loosen,
From their mind shall be their end
Spade in soft grassy earth
Raise a cup to feed the dead
Protected is the good one's hearth
Clubs or diamonds, cups of mead.

Now go and be successful!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Root of the Problem

People have been eating potatoes for thousands of years.  There are other roots that are beneficial, nutrition-wise and medicinally as well. The roots of the cinquefoil plant are full of more vitamins than potatoes.  The roots of dandelions and chicory can be washed, chopped up into small pieces and brewed like coffee beans; dandelions restore natural sugar balances in the body; chicory aids in lowering blood pressure and internal inflammation. For fortune telling, roots can also be useful.

The burdock plant (most people associate it with the aggravating burr seed capsules that stick on their clothing) is useful for detecting love triangles.  Mix the juices from the root of this plant and that of a catnip plant to see who is truly in love with whom.  Catnip and burdock leaves are also great for making teas that restore the body's immune systems.  These plants are great to have around on sunny windowsills for their positive energy forces.

Lavender and purple clover are like the amethyst stones of the plant world.  The roots of these can be crushed and the juices strained from them to use in a spell that reveals where potential pools of opportunity abound.  They are also great to have growing alive in places where creating, producing, or selling take place as their scents add to clarity of the mind.

For hexing and determining motive's that are not pure, use the roots of the strawberry plant.  Strawberries are vitamin filled little berries.  Their leaves can be made into tea, but only fresh and dried, not wilted.  Wilted strawberry leaves contain a chemical that can interfere with the body's ability to clot blood.  The roots are short but they do hold juices that can be strained into a mixture to reveal the root of people's actions.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Young Souls Old

 Sometimes our children are wiser than we. I asked aloud, "I wonder if the gods were drunk when they made the first platypus ?" My boy looked at me, shocked and replied "Mom, is your memory that bad? The animals were here first, remember? A cow woke up Buri from the ice block."

We were feeding seagulls and attempting to feed ravens when my boy coaxed three little ravens over. He whispered to them "Mimir Mimin" and the birds turned about quite quickly. Then he said to me, "I bet Huginn and Muninn taught them about Mimir. Can you imagine how smart Odin's ravens are after all these years? I bet they know every language on Earth. "

Today we discovered two more badly weathered rocks with Runic inscriptions upon them along a lake called The Pond by locals, or Trout River Pond by Parks Canada. I wished aloud I could know every language in the world. "I guess you should ask the Ravens then, duh?" my grandson told me.

Karma and the Witch

I just wanted people to think about Karma for a moment. I used to envision people's vehicles breaking down whenever I was upset with them, thinking nothing could happen to me because I didn't have a vehicle  of my own. When I did get a car, however it was constantly needing to be fixed.

Sometimes Karma works differently. For example I don't slander people. I have kept my mouth shut recently because of needing to keep my job when my conscience screamed from inside that was wrong, what a fellow employ did in lying about someone else. Now that employee is lying about me. So I need to not worry about clearing my own name but the name of the one first sullied by my silence.

Now some very evil, manipulative people seem to get away with things they truly shouldn't. Don't fret over this. It is when they least expect it that Karma will strike, like a Cobra in the dark. Be the good force that acts as a catalyst for good things to happen to good people and bad thing to happen to bad people.

Is witchcraft evil? Absolutely no! Can you harm someone with witchcraft? Absolutely yes! Can you help people with witch craft? Absolutely yes!  Should you? Who am I to say?  Is it wrong to say nothing to abominable people when you know death or disaster is at their door? No, because that would interfere with Karma.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Seedlings by me, Gipsie Lee

We are made from trees,       So it shouldn't be                So hard to see                    That we are seeds

Like small twisting flags,     Like horns upon a stag,  They call us hag;                   Silk they call rag.

Our earth mother smiles    Our sun father whiles         We roam for miles             Then fit like tiles.

Our place on the floor,         We create a green door    Gifts not a chore                 Life to explore.


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Simple Water Spell


Large black ceramic bowl
Dried mint leaves
Tablespoon of beach sand
Piece of unlined white or beige paper
A pen

This spell should be done in the evening under the light of the moon, but you might wish to practice writing in Runic prior to setting it up. You can do it in English or whatever other language you normally use but, please use your left hand to write things down if you are right handed and right hand if you are left handed.

Take your bowl outside and pour gently into it a pitcher of water until it is half full.
Staring at the moon, sprinkle the grains of sand over the water surface.
Gently sprinkle a pinch of dried, crushed mint leaves onto the water's surface in a swirling motion.
Set the water where the moonlight can shine into it where it won't get bumped.
Take out your pen and paper.

I am looking for a clue
A mirror in the seas
For time is merely water
Reflecting back at me

Take your note, whisper gently "Thank You" across it and lie, it writing down, onto the water's surface.
Leave overnight.
In the morning, place the paper carefully in the sunlight to dry, careful not to tear the paper.
Leave until dusk.

Take the water from the bowl and offer it to your closest thirsting plant.
At dusk take the paper and examine the images upon it.
If you like take a pic and send the image to me to decipher.
Have fun!

(collected rain water works best)